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What should I expect from a treatment?

During your initial visit, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive evaluation intake form, the answers of which will be used to
define your pattern of disharmony along a holistic diagnostic model.  We will then review the intake form and I will ask specific
questions relating to your chief complaint and then take your pulse and examine your tongue.  After the intake session, you will
then change into loose comfortable clothes, such as shorts and a tank-top, although a disposable gown and drape can be
provided as well.  I will then palpate your abdomen and areas of tenderness along the meridian pathways, which will provide
information about the “holding patterns” that reside on your body and are a component of the underlying causes of your health

The insertion of needles will come next.   The insertion points are chosen specifically for their individual function and how they
relate to your disharmonies.  When inserted, the needles may be slightly manipulated in order to connect with the underlying
energy below.  The needles are manipulated until a sensation often described as a dull ache occurs, although each individual
patient’s experience of this may vary. After the needles are placed, you will be left to rest for several minutes.  As acupuncture can
induce a parasympathetic (Rest and Digest) response, patients often find this rest period soothing and are able to enter a tranquil
state unique to each patient.  After the rest period, the needles will be removed and the treatment session will conclude.  It is time
between the treatment sessions that the healing truly occurs and patients begin to sense changes on the level of Body, mind
and/or spirit.